pokego 2.0 ios

pokego 2.0 ios

iPhone 手機玩家沒有辦法像 Android 那樣狂的用外掛,但是 PokeGo++ 2.0 是一款超強大的 iPhone 寶可夢外掛,包括可以模擬走路、開車、跑步等移動,還可以查 IV、找附近的寶可夢或者自動擬真的回到目前所在位置。它不需要越獄、不需要任何的破解就可以

The latest version of Pokemon Go++ ipa for iOS is released. This hack is also known as PokeGo++ 2.0 ipa iOS. There are new improvements in this version. Luckily for iOS users, Pokemon Go 1.121.2 can be hacked via Pokemon Go++ hack also called Poke

作者: Faiq Ahmed
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17/4/2018 · DO NOT TRY THIS HACK! IT IS NOT SAFE!!!!! (Here is the newest update for all you spoofers out there! No RED warning message will pop up for this new hack for Pokemon Go. This is safe to use! Support The PokeGo2.0

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更新 支援iOS 11有無越獄用戶。版本已經針對Pokemon Go v1.61.1以上解除防越獄偵測修正。最新版本已經更新為PokeGo++ 2.0 Team負責繼續開發。不支援 Pokemon Go 最新v1.85.4 以上版本,請透過「Libertas 防越獄偵測能完美解決Pokemon Go新版本防JB越獄

It’s been a while since we did one of these, but as many of you know we have been working hard on giving back to you! In honor of the past two+ years,