Making sure your furry family members have everything they need to thrive is just part of loving them every day. Enter Pebby: a smart collar and ball system that allows you to monitor and entertain your pet from your cell phone, anytime and anywhere you may be.

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Team Pebby is raising funds for Pebby: The Most Advanced Smart Ball! Play Anytime, Anywhere. on Kickstarter! Pebby makes sure your pets are never alone at home. Track, monitor, and play with your pet from anywhere in the world.

Pebby Asia 。 14,966 個讚 · 2 人正在談論這個。 Pebby – 全球第一款智能寵物陪伴系統 結合自動玩耍、健康監測、廣角攝影和語音訊息的寵物神器 如果你有什麼問題,請聯繫

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目前「Pebby」已經在Kickstarter募資成功,並且開放在官網預購囉!現在預購還有超級優惠組: 智能球+智能項圈 (關注毛小孩的健康數據以及定位) +無線充電座 只要 新台幣4500元!有興趣的獺友快去Pebby官網瞧瞧吧!最後附上我們與Curry的合照跟大家說

13/4/2017 · Pebby 智能項圈能偵測毛孩每天的休息、活動和遊戲時間,並將數據保留在 App ,你可以隨時掌握毛孩的活動量,以防有任何行為的異常。 「我們打造了一個全方位的毛孩照顧系統,能讓飼主完全的放心。」Pebby 創辦人兼執行長 Hansen Goh 提到

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Pebby’s human-safe, and more importantly, pet-safe in-built laser is guaranteed to make your cat go paw-sitively crazy! Learn more on

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PEBBY Pebby is a smart robotic ball that allows you to connect and play with your pets wherever you are. Pebby comes with a built-in 1080p camera, a laser pointer, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities that will allow you to control and maneuver the ball via your

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4/7/2017 · Pebby在寵物玩具而言,到現時為止肯定是最高級的一款。Pebby年初開始於國外眾籌網站Kickstarter進行集資,很短時間已經籌得近3000名買家預訂,打破了寵物產品於Kickstarter的集資紀錄,一度被譽為「寵物神器」!

3/7/2017 · Pebby是一款智慧寵物玩具,由一款圓球玩具搭配一個智慧頸圈,除了可以遠端透過手機App控制玩具球,還可以開啟「自動玩耍」模式,Pebby會根據智慧頸圈追蹤寵物位置並搭配演算法運作,在室內空間不停來回滾動跟寵物玩「捉迷藏」遊戲,確保毛

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8/3/2017 · Pebby is a smartphone-controlled mechanized ball keeps pets active and in good spirits, letting owners remotely draw their companions from one room to the next. Pet owners can use two way audio and an integrated camera to

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Pebby Asia. 14,967 likes · 1 talking about this. Pebby – 全球第一款智能寵物陪伴系統 結合自動玩耍、健康監測、廣角攝影和語音訊息的寵物神器 如果你有什麼問題,請聯繫 support

*事發經過: 2017年5月29日預購, 一直等到今天仍未出貨, 聯絡也是有各種理由延期, 第一次延期說是晶片停產(2017/8/21), 宣布延期四個月, 後來遲遲未出貨,詢問後得到的答覆是在2018年1月下旬出貨, 一月底的時候再度寄信詢問, 對方說延遲到2018年

Pebby is a combination of a smart collar and Wi-Fi controlled “ball” that follows pets around. It puts pet owners’ minds at ease as it tracks their furry loved ones’ activities and sends key insights about their behavior and health to the Pebby companion app.

Pebby(ペビィ)はベビー用品、ペット用品のセレクトショップです。送料無料の商品等多数ご用意しています。おやさいクレヨン。:Pebby – 通販 – Yahoo!ショッピング

7/6/2017 · Keep your pet happy and satisfied when you use Pebby, the robotic pet sitter. With a sensor attaching to your dog’s collar, this system includes an interactive toy. The Pebby ball features a built-in Intel Edison processor which allows pet parents to remotely control the ball via Wi-Fi. This

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8/3/2017 · The PebbyCollar completes the Pebby kit. This little gizmo goes on your pet’s collar and is supposed to track their activity and give you an overview in the app. Its rechargeable battery should last for up to 12 days. We haven’t seen anything quite like Pebby before

【 讓 Pebby 滾動機器人來當你的毛孩保姆吧 】 獻給外出工作賺糧食,卻時刻不忍分離的貓奴狗友們! Pebby 智能寵物球 – 遙控滾動攝影機 歡樂預購中:

Pebby is a combination of a smart collar and Wi-Fi controlled “ball” that follows pets around. It puts pet owners’ minds at ease as it tracks their furry loved ones’ activities and sends key insights about their behavior and health to the Pebby companion app. A built-in

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10/1/2018 · Pebby is a pet product that looks to give users the ability to watch their pets when they’re gone. Through a self-moving ball, Pebby glides around like BB-8, and features a camera inside that can be accessed through your

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Play, Communicate and Monitor your pets from anywhere around the world! | Check out ‘Pebby: World’s Most Advanced Smart Ball for Pets!’ on Indiegogo.

Information on valuation, funding, cap tables, investors, and executives for Pebby. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full profile. Description Provider of a robotic technology created to help homeowners monitor their pets. The company’s smart robotic pet

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