hku space gpa 2019

hku space gpa 2019

HKU SPACE X IDEA Project 2019 Event Recap 讀法律 是我的童年夢想 改變.可大可小 Three Great Paths to a Legal Career Information Seminar Event Recap Open SPACE 2019 Event Recap Portuguese Language Teaching / Learning Video Recording

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The 22-year-old has finished three years of education at HKU Space and received an offer to major in law at City University of Hong Kong after graduating the community college with a 3.57 GPA this academic year. “I want to be a lawyer to help change lives of

With 19 marks obtained in HKDSE, I studied in Associate of Nursing Studies in HKU SPACE CC. I wanted to be a truly competent person before admitting to the university. During the 2-year journey, I explored part of the nursing world and understood more about

HKU SPACE Community College HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College HKU SPACE International College HKU SPACE Executive Academy (SEA) HKU SPACE Institute for China Business HKU SPACE Chinese Medicine Clinics


雖然要同時兼顧學業及射箭比賽、訓練等,崔俊杰表示HKU Space的讀書生涯並不大壓力,「Year 1 學期初奪得爆分(GPA 4.0)的成績,所以可以投放更多時間在射箭練習上,也不怕影響學業成績」,而他面對的中文科語言壓力,亦因HKU Space以英語授課令他

Note: These GPA tools are for planning purposes and informal calculations only. You can find your official GPA via SIS. Visit the “Grading System” and “Honour Classification” to find out more details. Students can apply for official transcripts from the Academic

Inauguration and Seminar of Financial Planning Alumni Society in HKU SPACE 活動重溫 HKU SPACE X IDEA Project 2019 活動重溫 讀法律 是我的童年夢想 改變.可大可小 Three Great Paths to a Legal Career Information Seminar 活動重溫 Open SPACE 開放

於2018/19年度,接近1,200名同學獲得總值超過港幣1,170萬的獎助學金。學院將繼續幫助有需要同學,助他們發揮所長,爭取佳績。 請按此下載香港大學附屬學院頒獎典禮2019得獎名單 香港大學附屬學院新生入

Established in 1911, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the territory’s oldest institute of higher learning and also an internationally recognized, research led, comprehensive university.

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HKU SPACE 04/2019 4 16. Work Experience (if applicable) What is your current/previous occupation? (including length of service). Please tell us if you are not working or are retired, and give details of your previous employment. 17. Supporting Statement – What

What is a Learner Portal Learner Portal is the one-stop information gateway for the learner community in HKU SPACE. With the new fresh look, new Learner Portal interface is designed to provide students with an easy way to keep updated on school news and

*Applicable to non-clinical undergraduate and taught postgraduate curricula in general and subject to Faculties’ confirmation of the first and last days of teaching, reading/field trip weeks (if any), revision periods, and assessment periods for individual curricula as

The University of London degree at HKU SPACE has equipped me with both analytical and critical thinking skills which prepared me for my master’s degree. Having had the opportunity to further my study at the LSE, learning from world-class academics, is a once in

HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College Scholarships for New Admittees The College has established scholarships for applicants with outstanding results in the 2019 HKDSE. The applicant could be awarded the scholarship upon successful

We welcome your application to the University of Hong Kong via the International Admissions Scheme/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme for Undergraduate Programmes for: – Non-local students completing qualifications other than mainland China’s National Joint

The HKU Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions 2019 will be rescheduled, and details will be announced later. In the meantime, applicants and schools are invited to keep in touch with us and to learn more about our undergraduate degree, study

HKU Undergraduate Admissions Admissions and Academic Liaison Section, The Registry HKU HKU AAL HKDSE For local students For other students HONG KONG ASSOCIATE DEGREE & HIGHER DIPLOMA For students taking associate degrees / higher

On the Donor In November 2003, Mr Wong Man Kit kindly donated a sum to The University of Hong Kong to provide scholarships to graduates of HKU SPACE Community College to pursue Bachelor degree studies at HKU. Purpose and Scope The Scholarship shall

Congratulations! HKU’s Common Core Teaching Team wins the University Grants Committee Teaching Award 2019! Here, receiving the award at the UGC office are (left to right) Mr Matthew Pryor, Professor Gina Marchetti, Director of Common Core Professor Gray

The 2-year study at HPSHCC was not easy. I have encountered difficulties about my studies. Fortunately, our College Lecturers offered me help to go through the difficult times. Also, counselors from Student Development and Resource Centre provided useful

我係2年前HKUSPACE既YEAR2畢業生,而家係HKU修讀BA。 見到好多師弟妹都問CGPA究竟要幾多,3.3都入唔番,點解佢3.8有面試我4.0都冇 不如等我分享吓少少經驗。

The University offers a wide range of full-time and part-time taught postgraduate programmes, ranging from one to three years in length. They operate on a semester system and candidates’ academic progress is normally assessed by a combination of written

Graduates of the following institutions with a GPA of 2.7 (B-) or above in ONE of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses, or equivalent, are recognised as demonstrating the required English proficiency: HKU SPACE Community College HKU SPACE

Applicants from HKU SPACE CC/HPSHCC graduates or alumni are entitled to a scholarship of HK$5,000 for enrolling an IC undergraduate programme in 2019/20. If you achieve a CGPA of 2.8 or above in your sub-degree programme, you will be awarded an

The BSc (Hons) Accounting programme (Full Time Mode) is a joint collaboration between HKU SPACE and the Hull University Business School. Students need to study 9 modules and can complete in 12 months. Upon completion of the programme, students will be

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HKU SPACE 03/2018 4 16. Work Experience (if applicable) What is your current/previous occupation? (including length of service). Please tell us if you are not working or are retired, and give details of your previous employment. 17. Supporting Statement – What

For qualifications obtained from HKU (except HKU SPACE): Certificates are not required but if you are a graduate, you are requested to upload your transcript with your online application; if you are a current student, you are requested to upload your examination

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Certificate in Compliance & Risk Management for Private Wealth Management Professionals in October/November 2019 筆融墨合 饒宗頤教授、吳灝先生合作畫選展 The Intergration of Brush and Ink – Selected Collaborative Paintings of Professor Jao Tsung-i

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HKU’s international MBA programme is carefully designed to give you a first-class education, real-world experience, deep understanding of international business and sincere appreciation of cultural sensitivities. Our Asia-Pacific focus, in particular, will give you a

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HKU Nursing was established in 1995. HKU Nursing nurtures nursing leaders with an international outlook – our exchange opportunities with renowned Universities worldwide equip students with valuable experiences in different nursing care settings.

The following is a list of scholarships that are currently accepting applications. Students and alumni are advised to visit this section from time to time for updates. Individual faculties and departments also provide scholarships. Students may contact the respective

I have learned a lot of professional knowledge related to real estate such as concepts of housing studies and fundamental legal knowledge. I believe that the way of teaching and learning at HPSHCC is similar to that of the university. I learned to prepare well for

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