condom hk online

condom hk online

We hope that through the sale of variety of condom rises, peoples’ consciousness towards venereal disease including AIDS and unexpected pregnancy, and possession and use of condom becomes part of the common daily life. Don’t you feel

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在各種性病及愛滋病日益猖獗的今天,我們希望經由售賣各色各樣的安全套使人意識到安全性行為的重要性,並且減少意外懷孕的數字。 當購買安全套時,你有否感到不好意思?或者被奇異目光看著呢?即使每個人都會使用安全套,在購買時仍會

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* Note: Since the Canadian custom exercise a very strict importation rule, we will declare the items as “Healthcare product condom”. Is there any sales tax? No. We do our business primary in Hong Kong and there is no sales tax in Hong Kong, so even you buy

Remark: Prices are in Hong Kong dollars. Information on prices, abstract of main discounts and offers is from online shopping websites/apps of chain supermarkets / health and beauty stores. Online prices and offers may be different from those found in the retailers

We understand how disastrous it feels when a very tight rubber band wraps around your Johnny. Therefore we seek out everywhere to get you more comfort. No matter whether you need a wider or longer condom, you would find one that fits you well.

HK$139.00 HK$129.00 加入購物車 杜蕾斯特級情趣潤滑劑50ml HK$54.90 加入購物車 杜蕾斯蘆薈情趣潤滑劑50ml HK$54.90 加入購物車 杜蕾斯 K-Y 潤滑劑 HK$41.50 其他 加入購物車 [網上限定] 杜蕾斯G激爽震震環 HK$74.90 HK$69 加入購物車

Durex Hong Kong: Distinctly Pleasurable Durex Hong Kong is the most prominent brand when it comes to condoms. Most if not all convenience stores put this brand on display on the cashier counter, so it’s hard to miss on your trip to these stores. However though

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Sagami Hong Kong. 1,328 個讚好 · 1 人正在談論這個. 相模原創 0.02 安全套,領先世界的安全套製作工藝。 好多謝大家嘅意見,我地相當重視每一個顧客嘅寶貴留言。 其實一直以黎 Sagami 嘅使命都係想將安全性行為嘅重要性傳播俾廣大市民,除左銷售之外

The condom is a rubber sheath worn over the erected penis to prevent sperms from entering the woman’s uterus. It has to be worn correctly during every act of sexual intercourse. It is relatively free of side effects and may protect both partners against sexually

There are 2 main features in this condom, 1. The condom is thinner at the tip, giving the user a better feeling