alessandro michele interview

alessandro michele interview

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24/10/2015 · “It was like a love affair,” says fashion’s designer du jour, Alessandro Michele, of having just five days to throw together his first Gucci show and collection when he took over the label, in January. “I was in love and I’m still in love. If someone gives you the opportunity to express something so

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6/11/2017 · At Lacma’s Art and Film Gala, Jared Leto in Gucci Cruise 2018. Stay tuned at 19:45 CET / 1:45pm EST via our Instagram stories as he talks to creative director Alessandro Michele about Gucci’s new initiative to make all

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In an exclusive interview, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele opens up to Antidote Magazine about his vision for the brand, his most prized posessions and his fascination with the creepy side of beauty. This is the meta description for this page.

15/4/2019 · Alessandro Michele’s office at the Gucci Hub in Milan resembles one of the many iterations of Auntie Mame’s Beekman Place drawing room. It’s a stylish retreat decorated in the tastemaker’s signature neo-Romantic style, with tapestry-seated Napoleon III chairs and lacquered furniture dotted

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13/4/2018 · No inverno 2019, Alessandro Michele apresenta uma Gucci para pós-humanos / Vogue Tech / TV Vogue

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30/5/2019 · i-D joined Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele as he prepared to show his Cruise 2019 collection in Alyscamps, before then travelling to his hometown of Rome to find out how the ups and downs of his Italian

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18/11/2015 · Gucci创意总监Alessandro Michele(摄影:亮子) 时装界最喜欢的就是传奇。旧设计师突然离职,在背后默默工作数年的副手挺身而出,秀前五天内神速创作出全新系列,并一举打破了品牌早已令人乏味的印象,由此Alessandro Michele的上任书写了一个传奇。

Alessandro Michele, nickname Lallo, is an Italian fashion designer who was appointed the creative director of Gucci in 2015. Biography He was born on November 25, 1972, in Rome, Italy. His mother used to work as an assistant to a film executive. His father was

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8/3/2016 · Interview: Alessandro Michele for Gucci Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, and Love magazine’s Katie Grand ponder the subject of “what is contemporary” through an art exhibition in Shanghai. Mar 08, 2016

Gucci‘s Creative Director Alessandro Michele recently sat down with Interview Magazine to talk about how he revamped the Italian luxury brand since his takeover in 2015. One of Michele’s signature elements is his treatment of knockoffs, debuting bootlegged

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27/10/2019 · Hugo Goldhoorn debuted Michele’s vision to the world for fall 2015. Courtesy Gucci “The shift in menswear started by Michele is seismic, with that first eerily pretty ensemble predicting a half-decade of luxurious revolt.” The list of men who flock to Michele for suiting

Alessandro Michele, photographed in New York City on May 6, 2018. On a bright May day, Alessandro Michele and I stand side by side at the same picture window gazing at the same patch of Lower Manhattan, but we don’t have the same view. Where I see a

Augmented reality. Fake news. Alternative facts. It’s a troubling time for seekers of authenticity. Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, knows this better than most. Since reinvigorating the luxury fashion house when he came on board in 2015, the 46-year

At first glance, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele and Vetements’ contrarian bad boy-turned-Balenciaga artistic director Demna Gvasalia are nearly polar opposites; Michele’s garments have a detailed, heirloom-esque luxury to them, while Vetements

23/6/2015 · Gucci’s new creative director, the unknown Alessandro Michele, is a lot like the woman he champions: daring, curiously compelling—and with a streak of mystery and eccentricity. “I wasn’t even on the list,” Michele says, referring to the presumed roster of high-profile industry talents

24/5/2016 · It’s only been 18 months since Alessandro Michele was catapulted to the top of the fashion world, having been promoted to creative director of Gucci. But within two years, the designer has turned the once ailing brand into an undeniable force. At the same time, he turned the Gucci aesthetic

For Harry Styles, a handshake can be a romantic gesture, conjuring a potent reverence in its recipient, like the time he met Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. “ He was as attractive as James Dean and as persuasive as Greta Garbo.

24/5/2016 · It’s only been 18 months since Alessandro Michele was catapulted to the top of the fashion world, having been promoted to creative director of Gucci. But within two years, the designer has turned the once ailing brand into an undeniable force. At the same time, he turned the Gucci aesthetic

23/6/2015 · Above all things, Alessandro Michele believes in beauty. It may sound like a given for a designer, but much like religion there are degrees of a person’s devotion to these things. With his second and defining Gucci men’s show – the first one last January was reportedly put together in five days – he

【Gucci Garden】老橙子2018佛罗伦萨Vlog | 探秘Alessandro Michele 的秘密花园 老橙子cC 872播放 · 12弹幕 01:15 Gucci Fall Winter 2018 Fashion Show 服装设计小斯 942播放 · 9弹幕 15:29 【VS字幕组】Gucci 古驰2016秋冬男装秀·全场高清

28/10/2019 · Welcome to GQ’s New Masculinity issue, an exploration of the ways that traditional notions of masculinity are being challenged, overturned, and evolved. Read more about the issue from GQ editor-in-chief Will Welch here and hear Pharrell’s take on the matter here. Thank Alessandro Michele

15/10/2018 · In just three years, Gucci’s creative director has shifted the industry’s course, altering the way the world sees value, gender and even identity. By Frank Bruni ON A BRIGHT May day, Alessandro Michele and I stand side by side at the same picture window gazing at the same patch of Lower

16/10/2017 · Für Alessandro Michele ist das Leben zum Träumen da. Mit dieser Einstellung hat er Gucci als eines der einflussreichsten Modehäuser ganz neu positioniert. Nun hat der italienische Kreativdirektor seine blühende Fantasie mit einem Duft verewigt:

22/5/2016 · Concluding the final day of the Vogue Festival, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele took to the stage with Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman for the last talk on the schedule. “I was at Fendi before, but I was really excited to work with Tom Ford so I moved to London, where he was

Alessandro Michele was announced as Gucci’s new creative director in January 2015. With the strong support of Marco Bizzarri, the label’s president and chief executive, Michele was given free reign to bring his idiosyncratic sense of vintage style to the Italian

Is Alessandro Michele the most down-to-Earth designer in the game? It is entirely possible. The Gucci designer known for maximalism comes off as surprisingly grounded in the latest issue of Interview magazine. His thoughts on “newness” and copying in fashion is

Per Alessandro Michele la bellezza rimane l’espressione più incisiva del piacere che prova nei confronti della ricchezza e della multiformità delle cose. Voce pacata, apparentemente molto timido e riservato, arriva puntuale all’appuntamento, il volto inquadrato tra il sipario di capelli lunghi e corvini come la barba e la visiera del cap da baseball.

What is fascinating in Alessandro Michele’s work is his rewriting of time, akin to a psychedelic trip that frees cognition and knowledge, and that finds the value of today exactly in archaeology. “I grew up with a father who didn’t wear a watch and this has

20/11/2015 · On a Friday evening in late October, Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, was inside the Minsheng Art Museum, in Shanghai, sounding like a philosopher struggling to make sense of the world around him. “What is contemporary?” he asked in his lilting Italian accent. “This word

Dans une interview exclusive Alessandro Michele, le directeur artistique de Gucci, s’ouvre pour le magazine Antidote sur sa vision de la marque, ses biens les plus précieux et sa fascination pour le côté flippant de la beauté.

Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, loves creative confusion and the palace in Rome he works in. Grab the embed code for this video at Times Video: Produced by: JOPPE ROG and JORDAN FULLER Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free

20/11/2017 · Think back to Alessandro Michele’s first women’s collection for Gucci in February 2015. It not only changed the course of 2010s fashion, but also defined how an entire generation wants to look. The unequivocal “trophy” we all wanted was a pair of the backless loafers lined with kangaroo fur

1/9/2017 · Alessandro Michele non è certo il primo citazionista della storia della moda e non sarà nemmeno l’ultimo ma è, forse, il più archeologico e accurato, di certo il più beffardo, perché gioca con il fuoco della copia titillando i benpensanti mentre continua a pensare nuovi

4/4/2019 · Alessandro Michele: confessions d’un gourou de la mode à la tête de Gucci Mode Depuis son arrivée à la tête de Gucci en 2015, la maison affiche une santé insolente. Entre ses silhouettes post-genre maximalistes, sa passion érudite pour l’histoire de l’art et son

Alessandro Michele is the magic man who injected life back into Gucci! Read about his enchanting interview with Alex Shulman at last weekends Vogue Festival Your Guide to Street Fashion

28/5/2019 · ROME — Alessandro Michele is speaking up. The designer’s Gucci Cruise 2020 collection to be shown on Tuesday evening at the Capitolini Museums in Rome is a “hymn to freedom” that will allow him to express his belief in the idea of self-determination and gender equality. Michele

Alessandro Michele 所執導、由 Glen Luchford 掌鏡、並於好萊塢環球影城耗費十天拍攝完成的2019春夏形象短片。 #2 手提工作室:不斷旅行著的創意團隊 誕生於數位時代的我們,彷彿活在另一種全新的網絡系統之中,而這些擁有悠久歷史的時尚大牌也隨之蛻變